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DISDUKCAPIL Kota Depok Gelar Program Akte Kelahiran Gratis

Depok – Dinas Kependudukan dan Pencatatan sipil Kota Depok , menggelar Gebyar Program Percepatan akte kelahiran usia sekolah , atau usia Delapan Belas tahun ke

PNJ Jalin Kerjasama Dengan Korea Selatan Untuk Penyandang Disabilitas

Depok-Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (PNJ) menjalin kerjasama dengan Korea untuk Penyandang Disabilitas. Hal itu dibenarkan Direktur PNJ Habib Abdillah. Pihaknya menyambut baik adanya kerjasama tersebut. Terlebih

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5 Tips About How to Write a Premium Resume like an Expert

The most recent couple of years have seen the advancement of the resume. To such an extent that employment seekers now procure proficient resume journalists


A Travel Blog with FlatNews Can Help You Free Traveling Whole Life

It’s simple, just writing about your trips on a blog but you must make sure you installed FlatNews design for that blog.


Is France a Good Place to Visit? This Video Will Explain All about That

Paris is a city that never eases up. Return on numerous occasions and there is continually something fabulous to encounter – world-well known historic points